what is New_Media?

New media is humans playing, breaking, learning, building, fixing, and innovating with technology in search of new forms of communication, art and entertainment. It's anything, you make it – it's everything, you create it. New media is YOU experimenting with the power and mysterious possibilities of technology.



What can I do with a nm_degree?

You can

do anything you want... no really!

join the cia!

be a film director.

design websites.

create interactive interfaces for hospitals.

build virtual reality environments.

start a revolution.

be a coder.

work from anywhere on your laptop.

be in politics.

brand the next president!

be a digital editor.

become a youtube sensation.

work for Pixar.

start your own production company.

work a camera.

create music videos.

design user interface for surgeons.

make big bucks as a creative director.

be a graphic designer.

do research.

visualize data.

change the world.

create hilarious super bowl ads.

brand anybody or anything!

start your own agency.

be an educator.

...whatever it is

do it.

attitude is everything

Having the right attitude is key to thriving in the creative industry. Master these skills below and you will succeed! The first five were taken from this great article originally posted on, an incredible resource for aspiring designers/artists.

1. Be a pro-active doer

If you don't know what to do or find yourself stuck (which will often be the case when you're new in a job or just starting out in your career) ask someone who can give you the right answer.

2. Be a problem solver

Your drive to find the best solution should always carry you through this stage of any brief, especially when you feel you've exhausted all possible creative avenues.

3. Be an attentive listener

Design for the clients' needs, not what you think their needs are.

4. Be a passionate learner

As this desire to grow develops into action and learning, you become more valuable and, in turn, are delivering higher standards of work.

5. Be grateful

A small shift in perspective like this will not only have employers drawn to you, but you will begin to love challenges and have more energy in your approaches.

6. do what you're afraid to do

if the projects your involved in and the clients you're going after don't scare you, then push harder and aim higher.

7. enjoy it, it'll be over soon

It may seem like an eternity when you're up against a creative block but don't forget to enjoy that part of the process too – you'll find the gold!


We are an educational science experiment – a fusion of artist, designer, and computer scientist – and we've had very successful results. Check out where some of our alumni are now.


“Experimentation is relevant to any discipline but particularly New Media because it's new, so how are you going to know what's possible unless you play and break things to see how it works”

Curt Cloninger, Professor of New Media at UNC Asheville

this is the future


typical graduate's portfolio

A graduate from UNCA New Media will leave with a diverse portfolio covering a wide array of concepts and skills. You will get the experience of experimentation across multiple disciplines, technological devices and software.

create the life you want

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unc asheville is located in the mountains of Asheville, NC, and has partnered with incredible creative companies in the area including Moog Music Inc, Bob Moog Foundation, The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center and The Center for Craft, Creativity and Design. Yes, the diverse spirit of new media lives here.


New Media is all about asking questions and searching for answers, and when you can't find any answers you create one. Get in touch if you have questions.